Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chicken Scratch

At first glance you may think that I am dreaming in chicken scratch in the image above. Well, your not alone. That's exactly what I thought my first day of class. I'm taking Stats and Calculus. I literally have had dreams very similar to what you see in the's a good thing though. It's a good thing in the sense that I really have focused on this jazz and learned some good stuff. I've done well with it. Finals start this week, then the dreams will stop and the formulas will return to what they once were before midnight--chicken scratch.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Carly's Blog

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All you cupcake lovin', bakin' obsessed, eatin' addicts check out Carly's blog.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

McCain and the Media

Has anybody else noticed a slight change in the media's voice towards McCain in the last week? Just weeks ago the liberal media was eating up "Juan Amnesty" McCain as a "great candidate" and "our Republican choice for president." McCain received a number of endorsements from liberal powerhouses, including the media such as NY Times and L.A. Times.

I can definitely see why the liberals would want John as the GOP nominee-it would make two liberals running for president.
The morning after Romney suspended his campaign the liberal media immediately shifted focus towards the negative side of McCain. Many negative articles and editorials were published and are still being published with titles such as "The Real John McCain" and "McCain Should be Feared" revealing dirt (yet true) on "Juan".

It's obvious that the liberals feared Romney would be a tough candidate for the Dems to overcome so they endorsed McCain knowing that he, in reality, is one of them anyway. Now that Mitt's out, it's all unfolding just as the liberals have planned for many months now and the true colors of the media's superficial endorsements are bright.

p.s. Some say the above cartoon is a depiction of McCain in 10 years. I say it looks pretty good as a current one... How 'bout those cheeks Tanya!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Jazz = Good

Amidst a week of political turmoil and stress, how about some positive news on another note. The Jazz are on an NBA-high winning streak of 10 games, have climbed to number 2 on the NBA Hollinger Power Rankings, and have risen to the top of the Midwest.

They have been playing extremely well (not to mention quite entertaining and no, I don't mean Korver's looks). I attribute this spark and turnaround to many factors, but more specifically, to the acquirement of "Ashton" Kyle Korver. The trade provided the Jazz with a heck of a shooter and a spark of enthusiasm and optimism that has lead them to the top of the Midwest Division and championship contenders. Before Korver, the Jazz were 16-16, treading water at .500. Since getting Korver, the Jazz are 16-2, 32-18 overall.

I am extremely positive about the Jazz right now and I know I am getting ahead of myself when I say this, but I am getting whiffs of ten years ago...only all the way this time.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Worst Music Video EVER

(Press play at the bottom left of the viewer in order to play without going to youtube.)

I have no words for this is truly historic and impacting.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Still Hope for Mitt

My dad was in NH at the Romney headquarters yesterday for the primary elections (he was actually on CNN in the background a few times.) Although Romney didn't win, the race is far from over. I still have much faith in the intelligence of our nation to elect Mitt. Here is what my dad said:

"As you know, I am in Boston right now, listening to Mitt Romney speak. We are still very encouraged and energized!
Points to Remember:

Mitt has more votes than any other republican candidate.

Mitt has more delegates than any other republican candidate.

Mitt closed the gap in the polls in New Hampshire from a double digit lead by McCain to a 5 point lead.

Mitt is moving on to Michigan right now to continue the fight.

Mitt needs our help with funds.
I'll talk to you soon. Thanks, David"

Monday, January 7, 2008

Alias...the ultimate dud.

About two and a half months ago Tanya and John (Jonya) enlightened Carly and me with the hit t.v. series Alias. Oh how we loved watching episode after episode, sometimes staying up until Carly had to literally punch me to get me to go to bed. Every season seamed to grip us even more than the previous. We soon arrived at the final leg, the fifth season. Each episode in the fifth season built our hopes of a fantastic, satisfaction-filled end. We were loving it. Today, we were extremely excited, we had reached the ultimate Alias day...the finale. Despite a little confusion and anger with the way in which the writers went about something (Vaughn in season 5) we were like Vannie, Harrison, and Tike on Christmas eve...anxious to see what J.J. Abrams was bringing to the table.

We watched it. It sucked. It was an ultimate dud. The ending (I won't ruin it for those of you who haven't been disappointed yet, I'll let the show do it for you) was dissasatifying, anti-climactic, non-justifying, and crud. I am so ticked right now I wish I could boycott Alias but no, it's over, forever.

We're turning back to Lost with season 4 coming out shortly. Hopefully Abrams will repent.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Bella Donna

Our beloved Bella Donna passed away last week.

I am taken back to the night we brought Bella home. I was only 10. We still lived in our old house; the ground was full of snow. She was as precious as could be. I remember her silky, red skin that I could stretch and wrap around her little body. I remember letting her out in the backyard. She hopped around in the piles of deep powder snow and pointed at birds in the distance. She grew on us all that night.

She will be missed.

Read more on my brother's blog here

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blogs Don't Create Writers

Why would anyone want to write a book without a having a story to tell? Why would anyone want to create a blog without knowing what to post? Who knows?...but we all do.

How many millions of blogs exist in cyberspace serving as no more than mere forgotten megabytes on some server somewhere? Will this blog become such? Will no one read our deep, thoughtful stories? Will no one care about our lives and opinions?

Frankly, big whoop if no one reads this.

Writers create blogs, blogs don't create writers.

I am not a writer; thus, this blog won't make me a writer nor destroy any hopes of becoming such...

"Nothing to lose" is a better way of putting it.